I thought it would be nice to add a page about my crafty pass times.  Unlike a lot of bloggers I am not a designer or even hope to be one.  But I enjoy several needlecrafts.  Crochet has produced the most product over the thirty plus years I've been wielding hooks.  I can barely knit, though I've tried to learn a bit of it for the last year.  And of course I cross stitch.  I don't know a woman who doesn't cross stitch actually.

I have some crochet goals for this year and I thought I would write them down and check on them from time to time.  Perhaps there will be photos inserted, or comments made. I reserve the right to change, adapt or elaborate upon my goals.  So my main goals this year:

2 Baby blankets. One each for two babies coming into the family (not from my loins, thank Heaven).

Family Baby Blanket #1 Pattern here.

1 Baby blanket for a charity.

This blanket is Appalachia bound. Pattern here.

1 Baby sweater for same charity.
A classic pattern from an old magazine.

Finish, or nearly finish, that dreaded ripple scrap afghan which I call the Scrapple.

Do each square that is posted in my two separate Block-a-Month ravelry groups and make them into blankets.

Get photo of my feet in a pair of socks I crocheted.