Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It Worked!

Just yesterday I blogged about the copies I'd ordered from U.Va dealing with Magnolia and her trial.  It wasn't long after I'd gotten off the blog when I had an email come from them with directions regarding payment.  I called them, had a brief, very enthusiastic conversation with a nice woman, gave her my card number and got the assurance that the copies would be mailed that afternoon!  I'm afraid I got a bit loud with her, at one point yelling, "I'm so excited about this! You just don't know!"  She laughed and replied, "O-kay!"

This is excellent timing.  I should have them tomorrow, next day at the latest, which gives me a week to comb through them before our research trip.  I have so many questions I hope the papers will answer.  Too many to all be included in those thirty-four precious pages, I know, but is it too much to hope for a couple A-ha! moments?  Can't I wish for a lead on the machinations behind getting Magnolia indicted?  Will there be a finger pointing at someone, anyone, so that Sue and I can fish through records with something more suitable than a broad net?  I'm sure the honorable Mr. William A. Jones was not the sort to fill his notes with wishful lunch menus, after all. 

I'm also anxious to read the two letters from her brother, Fuller, to Mr. W.A. Jones.  Henry Fuller Jones stayed at his sister's side through the entire ordeal.  He is a hero in this story as much as the distinguished attorney (who may be related).  I'm sure his letters will be key.  There is a third letter, from W. A. Jones to his wife during the trial.  What can I learn from his unguarded intimacies?

The trip is to begin on May 30th.  Before then I will give you news on what our tentative plans are, and tell you about our intent to spend some time with a relative of Magnolia! 


  1. I am so excited about all that information coming your way. Maybe, they arrived today?!!!!!

  2. Not today, no. But your question made me call the post office and ask anyway, haha. My boss just giggled. :)