Saturday, April 7, 2012

Just Give Me The Chocolate!

Easter weekend.  It really doesn't mean more to me than the fact it's the Vernal Equinox and there's no takey-backy on the part of Father Time and Mother Earth, so it is really Spring.  I would have to say I am a pagan if pressed for a religious belief, so I see the bunnies and eggs in a pagan way.  And to be honest, the bunnies and eggs are only on my mind if they are chocolate or hard boiled.

As for the eggs, I hard boiled about 15 of them and pickled them with red beets.  Yum!  We all like red beet eggs here and will have them on the side of the dinner plate or sliced on mustard-spread bread (well, that's me).  We got the eggs from my husband's friend who has all sorts of fowl running around on his mountaintop.  I got to see them close up when we went to the RV last weekend.  Imagine getting out of the vehicle and being met by a gaggle and flock and of any and every kind of bird. 

The Thanksgiving Contingent was the heartiest group, but the guinea hens (you can see one in the background) were quite vocal, and the chickens all rushed away soon after the greeting.  No turkey or guinea eggs were taken in this visit!

I have no chocolate bunnies this year but I do have chocolate stashed away, in the form of eggs oddly enough, in the way-back depths of the fridge.  No one has found them and I still can't believe I haven't touched them myself.  I try to get these eggs every year, and they are honestly the closest I come to a church on Easter.  A local church makes tons of these for their major fundraiser and I believe in helping them out!  This year I only managed to get one dozen of the gold wrapped chocolate covered peanut butter eggs, and a dozen of the silver wrapped chocolate covered coconut eggs!  They are a fair fistful of sweet and addictive enough to make me consider joining that church if only to get the secret recipe!  And it is a secret.  There is another church that makes eggs, but they are poor imitations, and I can imagine all sorts of shenanigans going on with one church trying to infiltrate the other...  It could happen that way.

Before I go and leave you to your own celebrations, I think I should show you that I did indeed finish the towel I was knitting for the RV.  I am tickled that it turned out pretty nice.  No wiping red beet juice on it, please!