Thursday, March 22, 2012


Spring is here for real and we're all glad, of course, and trying to ignore the fact that it isn't impossible to get snow in March. I have some spring bulbs blooming in the neglected bed beneath the kitchen window.  And it appears there are some gnomes in danger of drowning...

Not safe for bathing yet!

Last weekend Russ, Frankie and I rode up to the RV to do some cleanup there.  It was a beautiful day and while Russ and Frankie worked outside on the manly things like Awning Deployment, I cleaned counter and cabinets and, well... kitchen work.  But Frankie did do windows from the outside and I didn't have to cook so you can't call that a bad day.  I think Russ is planning for us to go for our first stay the first weekend of April and I'm ready for that.

Lately, between crocheting, knitting and life, I've been thinking hard about the nonfiction book I want to write this year.  A new page on my blog with info and photos might be in order and I will work on getting that done, so stay tuned.  My logical side says that spending some time alone at the RV will be conducive to writing.  I don't need to tell you what the other side says, do I? 

It's time to get on with my day here so I will sign off.  Feel free to leave comments, even if they pertain to the cruelty of unguarded bird baths that prove dangerous to gnomes.


  1. I think those gnomes will be delighted with those spring blooms!

    1. Well, hello, Cynthia! The gnomes have since been rescued and are sitting on dry ground beneath the tulip leaves. Thanks so much for dropping in!