Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Boredom, My Old Friend!

How do weeks go by with such speed even when it seems nothing is happening?  One cup of coffee to the next and before I know it I'm in another week, or month.  No important dates or functions to attend, no birthdays or anniversaries to throw me into a flurry of whatever appropriate activity would be needed for any of those.  The closest I got to anything like that was my participation as a tester for a crochet hat pattern which had me quite busy for two days.

Holly Marie has designed many of these hats in knit first.  She's been trying to convert them all to crochet and I've been able to test four of them so far. 

I've also been working on the baby blanket for charity.  It's a simple pattern that doesn't take much concentration so it's a good tv project.  I hope to have it done this week.  The only other needlework news is that I am entertaining the idea of maybe trying my hand at a knitted doll.  I've found one pattern that is worked flat and seamed; this is what I think I'll need to try first.

Has it been a boring few weeks?  Yes, thank goodness!  I have come to appreciate boredom in all its unmitigated blandness.  Boredom means things are on an even keel that I can handle.  There are no surprises, good or bad, no accidents, no unexpected visitors, no small grease fires.  Some people are quick to say terrible things about boredom.  They just need a jolt or two of havoc to make them realize how comfy you can be when bored.  It's nothing a tree limb on their car can't fix.

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  1. Boredom can be good. Like an old friend who's always on an even keel, if a bit too predictable. I enjoy your blog!