Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half-Done Day

You know the old saying that goes: It'll all come out in the wash.  Well, it proved itself true to me when I washed a crocheted hoodie I'd made for my great-niece Grace and found a sleeve seam had come loose and undone a bit.  Considering that the arms had sat around unattached from the body for almost a month, then hurriedly sewn on in a flurry of unenthusiastic sewing, it shouldn't have surprised me.  But it did because I've never had this happen to me before.  I hate hand sewing, dread it; and that is why bits and pieces will sit for weeks patiently waiting for my attention.  Now, I have to do it again?  Ugh!  The only lucky bit is that it did happen on my watch, and not when Grace's mom washed it the first time!

Will I get the sleeve resewn today or even this weekend?  The signs don't look good for that happening. Today, my husband is out with a friend rabbit hunting.  He never brings anything home; he says he enjoys the beagles and watching them run.  That's fine, really, since I don't want any little bunnies anywhere near my kitchen, unless they are like these:
Dangerous critters! The pattern can be found on The Gingerbread Lady's free pattern page if you dare!
 It's trying to snow, but the flakes melt as soon as they land and that's fine, too, since I don't want an accumulation of it.  Frankie decided to clean out the drawers of the cabinet in the kitchen.  All three drawers are out and stuff is strewn about, but Frankie is now focused on replacing a strip of wood, one of the drawer guides, and I don't know if the drawers will even get put back in place.  I guess that will end up being fine somehow too.  So the sleeve is a minor task in this half-done day.

I've got two 12" squares, both half done.  One of them may be the first square in a blanket for Grace made in Halloween colors.  The other is the first square of a blanket for the RV.  I am halfway through the baby blanket I am making for charity, proving not all halfways are bad!  Alas, just writing this entry has put me off the hook for a bit, so I think I will go peek in the kitchen.  If the drawers can be put aright, so can anything else!

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