Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring Plans

I am so anxious for spring.  We haven't had a bad winter at all, but I am impatient for April.  On the 15th of that month we will be able to open our RV at the camp on the river.  Russ bought the trailer last spring, very cheaply, and we pay a nominal fee to keep it in its permanent site at the campground. I've always wanted something like this: a nickle-budget summer place.  Not as fancy as a cabin in the woods or a cottage on a lake maybe, but I dare say an RV at the river is nothing to snicker at!  Of course it's an older trailer and not outfitted with the newest, gleaming hardware, but the kitchen is actually nicer than mine at home, if tiny.  Let me find some pics that I took when we got it.

The stove, with fridge on its left.
 Believe it or not, my kitchen at home isn't much bigger.  I have a tiny bit more counter space and a free standing cabinet with an enamelled top that I use all the time (if it's not piled with cooking items and such).  The sink has a little formica covered cutting board that sits over one side when extra flat space is needed.  There are cabinets that run above the top of the windows along the two sides and end of the kitchen.

The bench-seat table, which can turn into an extra bed.
The sink and not much counter top!

Last spring and summer I was only able to go to the RV once.  We still had the old beagle Sally, who couldn't go with us for an overnight, so Frankie took care of her on the one night I got to go.  Russ and I took Carmen with us however, since she's young and sassy and able to handle camp life!  Since we lost Sally in November, I will be able to spend as much time up at the river as I possibly can.  I plan to work on my nonfiction story as well as do some crochet and even some fishing!  Yes, I have gotten myself a new rod and reel.  My daughter's desire to learn to fish helped me decide to take it back up myself and I hope to be able to fish at the river.

In just about six weeks I will be able to write about the RV neighborhood, which will be an entry in itself I'm sure.  But until then I will be busy gathering some things for our mini-move and planning how to use my time there.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half-Done Day

You know the old saying that goes: It'll all come out in the wash.  Well, it proved itself true to me when I washed a crocheted hoodie I'd made for my great-niece Grace and found a sleeve seam had come loose and undone a bit.  Considering that the arms had sat around unattached from the body for almost a month, then hurriedly sewn on in a flurry of unenthusiastic sewing, it shouldn't have surprised me.  But it did because I've never had this happen to me before.  I hate hand sewing, dread it; and that is why bits and pieces will sit for weeks patiently waiting for my attention.  Now, I have to do it again?  Ugh!  The only lucky bit is that it did happen on my watch, and not when Grace's mom washed it the first time!

Will I get the sleeve resewn today or even this weekend?  The signs don't look good for that happening. Today, my husband is out with a friend rabbit hunting.  He never brings anything home; he says he enjoys the beagles and watching them run.  That's fine, really, since I don't want any little bunnies anywhere near my kitchen, unless they are like these:
Dangerous critters! The pattern can be found on The Gingerbread Lady's free pattern page if you dare!
 It's trying to snow, but the flakes melt as soon as they land and that's fine, too, since I don't want an accumulation of it.  Frankie decided to clean out the drawers of the cabinet in the kitchen.  All three drawers are out and stuff is strewn about, but Frankie is now focused on replacing a strip of wood, one of the drawer guides, and I don't know if the drawers will even get put back in place.  I guess that will end up being fine somehow too.  So the sleeve is a minor task in this half-done day.

I've got two 12" squares, both half done.  One of them may be the first square in a blanket for Grace made in Halloween colors.  The other is the first square of a blanket for the RV.  I am halfway through the baby blanket I am making for charity, proving not all halfways are bad!  Alas, just writing this entry has put me off the hook for a bit, so I think I will go peek in the kitchen.  If the drawers can be put aright, so can anything else!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hello Boredom, My Old Friend!

How do weeks go by with such speed even when it seems nothing is happening?  One cup of coffee to the next and before I know it I'm in another week, or month.  No important dates or functions to attend, no birthdays or anniversaries to throw me into a flurry of whatever appropriate activity would be needed for any of those.  The closest I got to anything like that was my participation as a tester for a crochet hat pattern which had me quite busy for two days.

Holly Marie has designed many of these hats in knit first.  She's been trying to convert them all to crochet and I've been able to test four of them so far. 

I've also been working on the baby blanket for charity.  It's a simple pattern that doesn't take much concentration so it's a good tv project.  I hope to have it done this week.  The only other needlework news is that I am entertaining the idea of maybe trying my hand at a knitted doll.  I've found one pattern that is worked flat and seamed; this is what I think I'll need to try first.

Has it been a boring few weeks?  Yes, thank goodness!  I have come to appreciate boredom in all its unmitigated blandness.  Boredom means things are on an even keel that I can handle.  There are no surprises, good or bad, no accidents, no unexpected visitors, no small grease fires.  Some people are quick to say terrible things about boredom.  They just need a jolt or two of havoc to make them realize how comfy you can be when bored.  It's nothing a tree limb on their car can't fix.