Friday, December 30, 2011

That Was a Pain

Well, hello there.  I've just had an interesting morning trying to get to my blog.  It seems I had slipped into a parallel universe where there indeed was a blog, but no account to access it with.  Fiddling with all of the wonderful help pages and typing into little blocks and deciphering watery words did bring me back through the portal into my own universe at last.  (Now I can't help but wonder if maybe I was making more money in that other universe...)

The holidays are practically over and this year I'm not really sorry to see them go.  There was too much to do, brought on by myself of course.  Next year there will be no copious amounts of gift needlework to do, no tired wrists from same.  I am selfishly crocheting for my own pleasure this year!  Of course there will be some gifties in the mix, because sometimes I want to make a gift for someone.  There are two babies coming to the family this year and that will be a fun thing to crochet for!

I don't feel much like blogging now so I won't bore anyone with further musings.  But I am determined to do much more regular blogging.  After all this password/username/account drama this morning I don't want to vacate these halls for too long.  Have a wonderful day!

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