Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkeys and Trolleys

I have no idea how to start this entry.  There is so much going on, but nothing is new.  Now how do I explain that?  Days slip by me and I know it's only going to get worse the closer we get to Christmas.  Maybe I should just do a bit of catching up with you.

First of all, I will report that reading Melissa Wyatt's manuscript was pure joy.  Who wouldn't love a story with a castle, a curse, a ghost, and a love story wrapped in frilly dresses with background music from a pianoforte?  Melissa is trying desperately to find a snappy descriptor for the book and she admits the one that suits best is Pride and Prejudice meets Dark Shadows but without the vampire.  My Christmas wish for her is that her agent finds a nice house for it quickly.

The Repast and the Reheated.
We went to my brother's house on Thanksgiving.  He has an old Victorian that fits all of us inside with elbow room to spare.  Everyone brings one or two side dishes and so a huge meal is accomplished with little bother as far as big meals go.  I was somehow typecast years ago as the bringer of the dreaded but obligatory Green Bean Casserole.  Don't get me wrong; everyone loves it and eats it all up and that is why it is needed every year; but how many green bean casserole makers get petted and praised and begged for a recipe?  None I know of.  It doesn't get the "Oh!" the turkey gets or the "Ahhh!" the stuffing and herbed mashed potatoes get.  The comments that flutter around the green bean casserole are usually more like, "Did Aunt Shelley make this?"  I haven't deciphered the true meaning behind that yet.  But all was not lost this year.  I, Shelley, was asked to also provide the cranberry dish!  What joy was found in Shelleyville that day as the bowl emptied of its Maple Cranberry Sauce.  I will always remember it fondly.

The next evening I put a turkey in my own oven and stayed up late that night picking the meat from it.  On Saturday we were having Deb and Jon to the house.  Jon graciously spent most of his time laying on a wet floor fixing a plumbing problem underneath the utility sink that my mechanic husband couldn't fix.  Well, you have to do something like a mini turkey dinner to pay for that, don't you?  Deb brought her knitting along and we both worked on Christmas gifts in between my kitchen duties.  That evening we took both vans and another three people, and drove an hour and a half up scary mountain roads to get to Rockhill Trolley Museum.  We had a good time riding the restored trolleys on the short track that was decorated with Christmas lights.  Two trolleys were making the trip and we rode both with a break for hot cocoa and cookies in between.  Just a nice little intro to the high speed ride we are all on now that won't stop until the wrapping paper is strewn across the floor Christmas morning.  I'll leave you with some photos of the adventure and hope you take time to have your own adventures during this busy time!

One departing; waiting on another.

Jon, Jim, Cecelia, and Stephen

Jon, holding Aislinn, and the conductor

Jon, Deb and Aislinn at the ticket window

Olivia and her dad

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