Sunday, October 16, 2011

Curb Appeal-less

I have been known to give directions thus: "The stately brick house with the porch, and the beautiful white stone wall? We live directly across the street from it."  For some reason the other side of the street is nicer and we live on the wrong side.  But that's why it's a good thing I'm not what they call house proud.  They can call me tacky, tasteless and lazy, but never house proud!  Another benefit is the fact that I can look out the front door or windows and get a lovely view that changes with the season and well, that's priceless and makes me better off than those very neighbors who have to look at my porch, doesn't it?

How dare those leaves blow there?
This morning, while on my porch pretending to sweep something, I took notice of the neighbor's nice sidewalk and wall and steps that are sided by nice wrought iron hand rails and thought of the lovely little walk to get up to their porch.  Why, if something were to happen and one were to fall straight off my porch, one could land with their head in the road only to get it run over by a truck or something; whereas for that to happen from my neighbor's porch, it would require incredible gymnastic machinations and some really bad karma.

But my house has its charms and they're not all bad.  Our sidewalk is one of the original brick ones that were laid in the late 1800's.   Charming to look at, but full of dips and hard to shovel in winter... So yeah, it's an ankle-twister and shovel-jammer, but it's original!  Our house is also brick, also old, probably one of only five brick houses that were on this street when they made the borough map in the 1880's, but it has been painted an old barn red.  Our porch has gingerbread trim along its roof, but the paint is chipping.  But I love our house!  It's mortgage free for a year and a half now so it's mine all mine!  And I have no plans to sell it any time soon, so why worry over curb appeal?  The porch will be perfect decorated for Halloween since it doesn't need that much more done to it. 

When I get home from my trip/rescue mission (leaving in two days!!!) I will get the porch all bewitched out and show you what it looks like.  But for now, I will show you a little photo of what you might see if you walk past my porch with your eyes on the sidewalk (so you don't twist an ankle and fall to your right, landing with your head on the road to be run over...).  I won't be offended if you feel a brief stab of sorrow for my neighbor, but spare me any pity.  I love my creaky, paint-chipped porch.  It keeps a lot of salesmen away.

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  1. I love the way you look at things, quite the opposite of those who live on the right side of the street! LOL!