Monday, October 10, 2011

Counting the Days

On the 18th, my cousin Karen and I are starting out for Cedar Lakes in West Virginia.  This will be our second trip there; both trips were picked out from the Road Scholar program catalog.  Road Scholar is a wonderful program that facilitates "adventures in lifelong learning" as the catalog cover says.  Karen and I are both timid when it comes to getting out and doing daring things such as having adventures, and Road Scholar got us over the hump by taking a lot of the unknown out of doing a fun get-away.  Cedar Lakes is a beautiful place; originally an FFA (Future Farmers of America) camp, and still owned by the school district there, it is now the host of many different craft workshops and camps year round.

Last year Karen and I went to learn Traditional Rug Hooking.  This is NOT your run-of-the-mill latch-hooking, people. This is serious stuff, from cutting the wool into strips to hooking it through the linen or burlap (ouch), to turning it into the cushion or mat or rug.  On our first morning in class we got to pick out a kit made up by the instructor, and there were several designs I liked, but of course, I picked the squirrel!  He was cute.  And there is my squirrel last year after Day 2 or so. There is a good bit done since, but he still isn't done. I think I will be finishing him this winter just so I can brag him up on the blog here!  Karen, by the way, picked out a flower design, and hers is finished, waiting to be made into a stool topper. Let's see if I have a photo of hers...

Karen is always Teacher's Pet!

This year we are taking a workshop called Celtic Enameled Jewelry.  I am hoping to make a nice shawl pin, or at least a small brooch.  Heck, I'll be honest with you and say I hope to come home with something I can flash quickly at people to convince them I've made something.  That's all I ask.  I would have taken any class though, to go back to Cedar Lakes.  I love the place!  During your stay they do wonderful things like provide entertainment at night and feed you every four hours whether you need it or not!  I just know that my first step back into the dining hall will give me that lump in the throat that you get from places like that... you know: your alma mater or a great cathedral.  There are enough Road Scholar workshops held there in the fall to keep us busy for several years, so we will be planning the next year's sojourn while there.

We will be leaving Cedar Lakes on the 23rd, hopefully with some Brand New Bling!  And then we'll be on to the second leg of the adventure, which I will be writing to you about later.  (Insert Cliffhanger!)  Meanwhile, anyone interested in learning about Road Scholar I will attempt to insert a link here for you! Road Scholar: Adventures in Learning

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